My Projects

Below are some of the public projects that I’ve created or have been a part of.

Phoenix in Action

A book (print and PDF) published by Manning Publications about developing Phoenix applications from beginning to end. Currently in MEAP.


Functions to make rendering React.js components easy in Phoenix.

Combined with the javascript also included in this package, rendering React components in your Phoenix views is now much easier. The module was built with Brunch in mind (vs Webpack). Since Phoenix uses Brunch by default, this package can make getting React into your application much faster than switching over to a different system.

Elixir Cabinet

Over the years I’ve been using Elixir, I’ve searched for many different articles when I had a question about something. There have also been times when I had a bit of free time and wanted to read up on a particular Elixir topic but wasn’t sure how to find good articles on that topic. Finally, there are also a handful of great newsletters that are updated regularly with the latest great articles on Elixir around the web—but they either don’t categorize them, don’t archive them, or both.

Elixir Cabinet aims to solve those issues. It is the best place on the web to find categorized and dated links to articles about Elixir, Pheonix, Ecto, and the like. Check it out and submit your articles as well!

Fighter Verses Helper

I have been attempting to memorize more Bible verses over the years through the figher verses program and wanted a home page for my browser that helped in that attempt. This birthed my first publically-available Phoenix project. It’s tiny and serves a single purpoes and I’m likely the only one to ever go there, but it is a project of mine.