Live-coding FizzBuzz In Elixir Lightning Talk

November 07, 2016 less than 1 minute read

Last week at a local tech meetup, I presented a quick 6-minute lightning talk on Elixir. In it, I quickly implemented the infamous FizzBuzz programming challenge in Elixir. While doing so, I briefly demonstrated some of the things I like about Elixir such as:

  • Pattern matching
  • Function overloading
  • Guard clauses
  • Multiple shortcuts for function definitions

So please take 6-7 minutes and watch it then let me know what you think! Keep in mind it was a lightning talk format and it was for a crowd of people who are at an introductory level of Elixir exposure.


Here’s the final code of my implementation in case you’re interested:

defmodule FizzBuzz do
  def go(min, max), do: Enum.each(min..max, &go/1)
  def go(num) when (rem(num, 15) == 0), do: IO.puts "fizzbuzz"
  def go(num) when (rem(num, 3) == 0), do: IO.puts "fizz"
  def go(num) when (rem(num, 5) == 0), do: IO.puts "buzz"
  def go(num), do: IO.puts num